Netherlands: Don't travel to Golan

Dutch Foreign Ministry cites recent rocket attacks on Golan as reason for stopping citizens from visiting the site.

Gary Willig ,

Fire sparked in Golan after Syrian mortars hit Israel
Fire sparked in Golan after Syrian mortars hit Israel
Flash 90

The Netherlands has issued a warning advising its citizens not to travel to parts of the Golan Heights this summer.

The Dutch Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the warning was issued due to the recent spillover from the Syrian Civil War, which has seen mortars and rockets repeatedly land in Israeli territory over the past week.

The Foreign Ministry published a map of Israel on its website with the areas affected by the travel warning marked in red.

The map also includes sections marked in orange along Israel's northern border with Lebanon and southern border with the Gaza Strip. The Foreign Ministry stated that travel to those areas is only to be done "if there is no choice."

The rest of Israel is marked in yellow and described as a general safety risk, with an emphasis on the problems of overcrowding, the state of public transportation, and potentially disruptive demonstrations.

The Foreign Ministry also warned citizens who have publicly supported the anti-Israel BDS movement that they may be denied entrance to Israel altogether.