Woman demands compensation for banging into hotel glass door

A Bat Yam woman visiting an Eilat hotel banged into a transparent glass door, suffering painful injuries, and is now demanding compensation.

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Illustration: Eilat Marina
Illustration: Eilat Marina
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A Bat Yam resident who banged into a glass door in the lobby of an Eilat hotel is demanding that the hotel pay her compensation.

The resident, who was a guest in the La Playa Plus hotel in Eilat, received a heavy blow to her face after banging into a transparent window when she sought to enter the lobby of the hotel from the pool, according to a letter sent to the hotel by her legal representative, attorney Lital Biber-Haikin.

The letter states that the woman was transferred by the hotel's security officer to the Terem center for emergency medical care in Eilat, suffering from pain and from swelling in her face as well as from a broken nose.

"Since the accident and as a result of it, my client has suffered among other things from sharp pains in the nose which cause her shortness of breath," wrote attorney Biber-Haikin in her letter. She says there is no doubt that the responsibility for the incident rests on the hotel.

Biber-Haikin claims that if the matter would reach court, she estimates that it would adjudicate 100,000 NIS in damages to the woman, this on the basis of similar cases adjudicated in the past.