'The conflict is the moral question of our time'

Watch: Eitan Schwartz of the Yachad organization explains why a political resolution to Israeli-Palestinian Arab conflict is important.

Yoni Kempinski ,

Eitan Schwartz of Yachad
Eitan Schwartz of Yachad
Arutz Sheva

Arutz Sheva spoke to Eitan Schwartz of the Yachad organization, which works to mobilize British Jews in support of a political resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian Arab conflict through education, debate and advocacy.

The interview took place as part of Arutz Sheva's participation in the delegation to London of Gesher and the Diaspora Affairs Ministry.

Yachad describes itself as a pro-Israel, pro-peace organization, said Schwartz, who added, “We have about 5,000 supporters in the UK. We work to get British Jews involved in campaigning for peace in Israel, and we work across the Jewish community to educate, to inspire debate and to inspire activism.”

The organization aims to get the British Jewish community to take an active stance in support of the resolution of the conflict.

Yachad supports the two-state solution, similarly to organizations like J Street in the United States, but does not work with politicians as J Street does and more with members of the Jewish community, explained Schwartz, who will be making aliyah in two months.

“For me, it's really important because I care so much about Israel and the Jewish people, and the moral question for me at the moment and the moral question of our time, is Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And if I'm going to do the most I possibly can to be involved in that conversation, for me I think I need to be in Israel...and also, the weather's pretty good,” he said, in outlining the reasons for his decision to make aliyah.