Rocket in the Golan, terrorist attack in Hevron

More spillover from Syrian Civil War as armed terrorist attacks IDF soldiers in Hevron. The terrorist was neutralized.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Northern border
Northern border
Flash 90

A rocket from Syria struck the Golan Heights Wednesday night. The rocket landed in an open area, and no injuries or damage was reported.

The defense establishment stated that the rocket was a spillover from the fighting in the Syrian Civil War.

A short time later, the IDF attacked a mortar site belonging to the Syrian regime from which the rocket was fired.

In another incident this evening, an IDF was attacked by an armed Arab terrorist during a mission to locate weapons in Hevron.

The terrorist was shot and killed.

weapon used by terrorist (IDF spokesperson

On Sunday, several mortar shells exploded in an open area in the northern Golan Heights. The strikes are also believed to be the result of a spillover from the fighting near Israel's northern border.