'Reform introduces Gentiles into the people of Israel'

Chief rabbi strengthens government following conversion law approval claiming Reform trying to 'bring assimilation - they will not succeed.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Rabbi Yosef and Netanyahu
Rabbi Yosef and Netanyahu
Photo by Marc Israel Sellem/POOL/Flash90

The Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, met today (Tuesday) with dayanim (rabbinical court judges)and answered the deep criticism voiced by Reform and the Left over the State Conversion Law, prohibiting private conversion.

According to Rabbi Yosef, "Any attempt at compromise that involves recognition of any type of private conversion, not through the state conversion system, should be fought vigorously. Neither for the purpose of marriage nor for the purpose of naturalization and recognition under the Law of Return.

"The attempts of the Reform and Conservative movements to bring non-Jews into the Jewish people and to bring about the assimilation that has already been caused in world Jewry will not work," added Rabbi Yosef.

The Rishon LeZion said that the State of Israel, the only state of the Jewish people, has the duty to preserve the integrity of the nation and to fight forcefully against the phenomenon of assimilation, which ultimately leads to the spiritual destruction of the Jewish people."

Rabbi Yosef emphasized that "I am strengthening the hands of the ministers and Knesset members who are on the lookout and are fighting for the sake of integrity and unity within Israel."

In the Liba Center, which works to strengthen Judaism in the State of Israel, it was mentioned today that some of the leaders of Reform Judaism who have been furious over the cancellation of the Western Wall layout are extreme leftists who sometimes even act against Israel.

"They supported the nuclear agreement with Iran, worked for the establishment of a Palestinian state, acted against the elected president of the United States, Trump and others," he said.

The Center says that most Jews living in the United States will continue to remain loyal to the State of Israel and not impose conditions for this loyalty.

"We support the Prime Minister and the ministers in making the important decision that expresses the will of the majority of the Jewish people and will lead to unity and strengthening of the State of Israel," added Liba.