'Breaking the Silence has been forced to look in the mirror'

Reserve soldier representative blasts radical group after their spokesman claims he beat innocent Arab during his IDF service.

Benny Tocker ,

Breaking the Silence activist addresses far-left event (file)
Breaking the Silence activist addresses far-left event (file)
Hadas Parush/Flash 90

Avichai Shorshan, founder of “Ha’emet Sheli” (“My Truth”), an organization of combat reserves soldiers that has taken upon itself the task of telling the real story of IDF soldiers, told Arutz Sheva that the investigation against “Breaking the Silence” Spokesman Dean Issacharoff and the voices of protest against the investigation raise questions about the the sincerity of the radical left organization.

“[Breaking the Silence], since its founding, has tried to create an image for itself as the guardian of morality in the IDF, and now [that image] is exploding in its face. A soldier [in the organization] testifies about himself, admitting that he beat a Palestinian and as a result, the authorities want to investigate him. Suddenly they say there’s no need to investigate him - it’s the fault of the ‘occupation.’ To shake off responsibility is the most disgusting thing you can do.”

Shorshan called on Breaking the Silence and all the leftist organizations to focus on facts rather than invent them. “As far as we’re concerned, every soldier who acted against protocol needs to be investigated and, if he is guilty, needs to pay the penalty. Woe upon us if we know of soldiers who use force in an unauthorized way. Every one of us is obligated to report to his commander and check if he sees something not acceptable.”

He said that the incident concerning Dean Issacharoff places a mirror in front of Breaking the Silence. “From this incident, they can see themselves as they really are. They don’t really want the IDF to be more moral - they are politically motivated. They tell all sorts of tall tales about the' war crimes' of the IDF; some of these stories are taken out of context, and some of them never happened at all.”