Judge criticizes police conduct

Court orders release of 3 detainees held by police after Yitzhar evacuation. A detainee passed out and was denied medical care for hours.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Attorney Nati Rotem
Attorney Nati Rotem
Eliran Aharon

The Jerusalem Magistrate's Court rejected the police's request and ordered the release of the three detainees who were arrested Sunday during a protest against the evacuation of a building in Yitzhar in Samaria.

In a hearing before Judge Karen Miller, the police requested that the three be deported for a month from Yitzhar, a request that was rejected.

In addition, Judge Miller noted in her decision that the conduct of the police was improper and determined that the detainees could have been released after their interrogation at the police station last night.

During the hearing it became clear that one of the detainees passed out and lost consciousness when he was arrested, and that the police did not allow Magen David Adom paramedics to enter the police station to treat him for about three hours after he lost consciousness. The police waited even longer to allow him to be sent to the hospital.

The suspects were interrogated on suspicion of assaulting police officers and participating in riots. The police report contradicted the IDF report, which did not accuse the prisoners of stone-throwing.

Attorney Avichai Hajabi said in response, "The court's decision speaks for itself. Not only was the Israeli police found committing brutal violence, by hurling stun grenades at a group of people, but it increased its activity and left the detainees unnecessarily in detention overnight. This is yet another clear proof of violent conduct towards a particular community, and it needs to be stopped."

Attorney Nati Rom added, "We are happy that the General Staff accepted our position and released the suspects without being removed from the settlement of Yitzhar. The police asked for 30 days of removal [from Yitzhar], and the court ordered the release without further delay, not even for one day. It even stated that the conduct of the police in this case was inappropriate and there was room to release the respondents yesterday at the police station."