25-year old drowns in Kinneret

Man who went swimming in Kinneret with friend disappears. Police later find his body.

Orly Harari,

Search for missing man at Kinneret
Search for missing man at Kinneret
Police Spokesperson

A man in his mid-20s from southern Israel drowned in the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) Monday afternoon, police reported.

According to authorities, the man, roughly 25-years old, had gone swimming in the Kinneret with his friend at a beach that was not monitored by a lifeguard.

The pair swam roughly 20 meters (66 feet) out from the shoreline, then began to dive.

Shortly thereafter, the young man disappeared. When his friend could not locate him, he returned to shore and contacted authorities.

Police were dispatched to the scene and began a search for the missing man.

Officers eventually found the man’s lifeless body in the water.

An MDA paramedic who was on the scene described the incident:

“We were rushed to the scene of a reported drowning near Dekel Beach in the Kinneret, after a man roughly 25 years of age was seen drowning. He was found after searches were conducted, and he was retrieved from the water by divers. He was unconscious, was not breathing, and had no pulse. We performed medical checks on him, and he had no vital signs. We were forced to declare him dead at the scene.”