Restraining order issued against sale of IDF historic documents

Jerusalem Magistrates Court issues restraining order barring sale Tuesday of historic IDF documents.

Shlomo Pyotrovsky,

1948 IDF stories
1948 IDF stories
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The Jerusalem Magistrates Court acceded to a request by the District Prosecutor and issued a restraining order preventing the Kedem Auction House from auctioning historic documents in a public auction on Tuesday.

The petition claimed that if these were authentic documents they include historic documents including operational directives, intelligence assessments and a telegram from the commander of Southern Command after the conquest of the Sinai peninsula in 1956.

Thirty documents from the northern front during Israel's War of Independence were also included in the sale.

The Jerusalem Prosecutor asked the court to prevent the sale of these items until a final decision has been reached on their petition. The petition claimed that the historic documents are the possession of the IDF and the State of Israel and they represent "archive material" which should be deposited in the national archives in accordance with the law.

"These are historic documents from a critical period in Israeli history, which were written at historic moments by soldiers and officers serving their country and the IDF. The historic documents belong to the IDF and the State of Israel and are of priceless national importance. The documents are not the private property of anyone, including the auction house and it has no right to sell them on the the free market," claimed the Prosecutor