Unique Kosher food? That's the way to do it

Allison Josephs interviews Josh Massin, Executive Chef and partner in Teaneck's Nobo Wine and Grill

Allison Josephs ,

Unique Kosher food by Josh Massin
Unique Kosher food by Josh Massin

Since July 2011, Nobo Wine and Grill restaurant in New Jersey has had a new executive chef at the helm.

After a six-year stint as chef de cuisine at the famed mike’s bistro in Manhattan's trendy Upper West Side, chef Joshua Massin has chosen to bring his considerable knowledge and skill to the table at Nobo.

Chef Massin is a graduate of Johnson and Wales University flagship campus in Providence, Rhode Island and has over a decade of food-service experience, including an extended internship at the Prime Grill.

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