'Government must fulfill its promise to Beit El'

Former minister Gideon Sa'ar laments PM's failure to fulfill promise o build 300 homes in Beit El.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Gideon Sa'ar
Gideon Sa'ar

Former Minister Gideon Sa'ar visited the protest tent of the Beit El Council in front of the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem Thursday.

Sa'ar said during his meeting with the head of the Beit El council, Shai Alon, that "a promise was made, and the promise was clear - to built 300 housing units in Beit El."

"This is a commitment that they reiterated two years ago," Sa'ar explained, adding that "a community that has not had construction for so many years requires the natural fulfillment of the commitment, and I hope it will be implemented soon."

"The reason I came is to express my support for the call by the head of the council, Shai Alon, [for the government] to fulfill the commitment and build in Beit El," he said.

Sa'ar added that "the important thing in the public dimension is to call on the government to fulfill its commitment, as in all areas of life."

Five buildings located in the center of the town of Beit El were demolished in 2011 after the Supreme Court upheld the claim of a leftist NGO that they were built on private Arab land and did not allow for compensation of the contended owners. In order to reach an agreement for the Jewish famiies to leave their homes peacefully, the prime minister promised to build 300 homes, which have not materialilzed.

The head of the council, Shai Alon, thanked Sa'ar for his support. "Sa'ar contributed to the settlement of Beit El for many years and in all the positions in which he served. Therefore, his support is very important to me.

Earlier, Sa'ar toured Binyamin, together with council head Avi Roeh. Afterwards he visited the town of Ofra and met with the families who had been evicted from their former homes in Amona.