'They overturned beds and came out empty-handed'

Mother of Elia Nativ of Yitzhar, in administrative detention: 'They banged on the door, went through the closets; we were in total shock'.

Mordechai Sones ,

Administrative arrest order
Administrative arrest order

The mother of Elia Nativ of Yitzhar, the only Jew in Shin Bet administrative detention after the court decided to release him, claims that her son has no connection to "price tag" incidents.

"The boy was released, they knocked on the door and said: 'Folks - administrative order,' and we were in shock. We'd been through a night raid, rough banging on the door; they rummaged through the closets, turned over beds, and went away empty-handed. There is nothing to tie us, or Elia, to any act," the mother told Army Radio.

His lawyer, Itamar Ben-Gvir, said that the Defense Minister's and Shin Bet security service's conduct is contemptuous of democracy: "The conduct of the General Security Service and Minister of Defense Avigdor Liberman is an unprecedented scandal. No trial, no proof, no evidence - that's how it is done in Putin's Russia."

The Shin Bet said in response: "Elia Nativ is a radical activist from the hilltop youth who is involved in violent activity against property, endangering human life."

Elia's father criticized the security forces' decision to arrest his son. The boy was moved to administrative detention despite the fact that the District Court in Lod ruled that the boy should be released because there is no reasonable suspicion against him.

"Yesterday we had a lovely evening, a family evening. We met with our son after a whole week in which he was in the cellars of the Shin Bet," the father said.

"He told us about the ruthless and exhausting interrogations he underwent, and we thought that after the house arrest ended the next day, after judges in all the courts ruled that there was no evidence and released him, everything would be over.

"Two hours before the end of the house arrest, GSS [Shin Bet internal security agency] agents knocked at our door and announced that our son was being sent to administrative detention under the signature of Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman," he added.

"We are going through a whole series of proofs in court day after day, for a whole week, and the courts say there is no evidence and they must release him. And then the Defense Minister sends him to jail?"