Bennett: We fought for the residents of Amona

Education Minister says those hurt by expulsions can 'choose to sink into despair, or to choose life.'

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Bennett in Ofra
Bennett in Ofra
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Education Minister Naftali Bennett visited the Ofra Ulpana in Binyamin on Tuesday.

During the visit, a student told him the tremendous pain which they felt after the destruction of Amona and the expulsion of Jews from their homes.

Bennett replied that he understood and shared the pain, and said, "We did everything to prevent the destruction of the settlement and we fought for a new settlement whose construction began today."

The Education Minister told the student that he had comforted the family of border policeman Hadas Malka, who was murdered in a terrorist attack in the Old City of Jerusalem Friday night, and the family of Yuval Mena, who was killed in an army jeep accident. He said that unlike the story of Amona, families must decide whether to sink into despair or to choose life.

"You can also choose to sink into pain, bitterness and anger, or choose life and see the future," Bent told the student.

After the visit to the Ulpana school in Ofra, the Minister of Education toured the area where the Amichai settlement was being built.

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