Body of Israeli missing in Kinneret found

The body of Natan Hajani, who went missing 5 days ago in the Sea of Galilee, was found this morning after extensive searches.

Orli Harari,

The searches in the Kinneret
The searches in the Kinneret
Police Spokesperson

The body of Natan Hajani, who was missing in the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) for five days, was located this morning, Tuesday, after extensive searches by scuba divers aided by a sonar system.

An MDA team that rushed to the scene confirmed Hajani’s death.

Hajani had jumped from a boat on Friday, and had been missing since then.

MDA medic Dudu Pahima said, “We joined up on the banks of the Kinneret with maritime police, who had pulled the youth out of the water. He was without vital signs, and we were forced to confirm his death.”