National Union bypasses haredim from the right

Faction demands PM act to enable independent legal representation for rabbinate in High Court hearing on Kotel issue.

Mordechai Sones ,

Ariel and Smotrich
Ariel and Smotrich
Eliran Aharon

The heads of the National Union faction, Agriculture Minister Chairman of the party Uri Ariel and MK Bezalel Smotrich oppose the compromise proposals regarding the Western Wall layout.

This evening (Monday) they sent an urgent letter to the Prime Minister demanding that he act to allow independent legal representation for the Chief Rabbinate on a matter that will soon be heard by the High Court of Justice.

In the letter, the two noted that "the Western Wall is a place of holiness and prayer for all the people of Israel, throughout the generations. Since the destruction of the Temple, it has been the most unifying place for the entire Jewish people, where each and every one feels their belonging to the long tradition of the eternal people.

"We appeal to you not to allow extremist elements overseas to harm unity in Israel and our long-standing tradition," wrote Ariel and Smotrich.

The two noted that although it is true that there will be uniform representation, this is an exceptional case. "We have no doubt that the present case is exceptional and requires the court to present the position of the Chief Rabbinate and the position of Jewish law."

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