PA disinformation site invents Israeli atrocity story

British organization clears minefield in Jenin; 'Palestine Information Center' blames Israel.

Mordechai Sones ,

The "Palestine Information Center" reports that the British HALO Trust organization started work Sunday to remove mines in Deir Abu Da'eef, east of the northern Samaria city of Jenin.

The work started in a minefield which lies over an area of 22.5 dunams. The organization claims that mine clearance will last for a long period.

The "Palestinian Center for Demining" produced by PIC claims that several people have lost their lives while others suffered serious injuries for straying into this minefield, pointing to the difficulties and suffering caused by the presence of the minefields.

PIC claims in its report that the minefield in question was "placed since 1967", in a half-hearted attempt to ascribe atrocities and war crimes to Israel. However, all Samarian minefields were placed by Jordan before 1967, and foreign NGOs are not authorized to clear IDF ordnance from within its zone of operation.