Soldiers lied to avoid training

Dozens of soldiers feign skin irritation after several friends contract disease and base shut down. IDF: 'They'll be handily dealt with.'

Mordechai Sones ,


The IDF suspects that dozens of soldiers at the Shizafon base of the Armored Corps lied and claimed that they suffered a skin rash at the end of last week.

A military investigation was launched following the incident, in which signs of poisoning were found that affected a number of soldiers' skin and then suspiciously developed in dozens more.

During the examination of the case, there was concern that this was a biological terror attack and it was decided to completely halt activity at Shizafon base to bring in hazardous materials and medical units.

The IDF spokesman reported that no fewer than 200 soldiers had contracted the skin disease and had been hospitalized.

However, it turned out that the real patients were accompanied by dozens of soldiers who exploited their friends' distress to avoid training and reported symptoms similar to theirs.

The investigation exposed these soldiers and the IDF Spokesman's Office said they would "be significantly disciplined by the commanders."