'Anyone who thinks Israel is important should join the protest'

Beit El leaders call on Israeli public to join protest, insist PM Netanyahu approve promised homes.

Eliran Aharon ,

The Beit El residents' protest
The Beit El residents' protest
Eliran Aharon

Beit El Council Head Shai Alon on Monday called on "anyone who believes Israel is important" to join the protest opposite the Prime Minister's office on Monday evening.

"I call on you, on the residents of Israel, on anyone who believes building everywhere in Israel is important: Come today to the protest at 6:00p.m. opposite the Prime Minister's office," Alon said.

"Tell him, 'In Beit El, not a single home has been built in ten years.

"In Beit El, five years ago, you promised to build 300 homes, and not a single one has been built.

"In Beit El, home will be built, starting today. We demand that the Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu keep his word. Please, approve the building in Beit El today."

In 2012, Beit El's Ulpana neighborhood was destroyed, with the Israeli government promising to approve 300 new apartments in return. However, the government never approved the plans, and the apartments were never built.

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