9-year old boy 'tired of being pricked by needles'

My Wife & I Knew Something Was Horribly Wrong

Kupat Ha'Ir ,

צילום: אייסטוק

A statement from Rabbi Farkas:

"During Chanukah, a time meant to be joyful for children, something horrific was happening inside of our Shimmy's body. Suddenly struck by spells of dizziness & intense migraines, what was once our happy 9 year old boy became a sick child trapped in bed.

Two months ago, it became clear to my wife & I that something was horribly wrong. In the middle of the night, we rushed Shimmy to the emergency room. By morning, he had already had surgery. It was discovered that he has a massive cancerous brain tumor, directly behind his eye.

It has been determined that he absolutely must have surgery to save his life. The surgery is extremely dangerous, due to the location of the tumor. We need to fly him to America to get him the surgery. This is our sweet little boy - please, we must save our sweet Shimmy's life!

Shimmy is tired of the hospital already, subjected day and night to needles, scalpels, and medical reports. He just wants to be a 'normal kid' again.

Kupat Ha'Ir

We have a long future of treatments & surgeries ahead of them. We can't afford the surgery we need to save his life. We can't afford the treatments, and our bills are mounting more every day. This is more than we deal with in this intensely traumatic time.

Please, please help us!

Rabbi Farkas"

A note from Kupat Ha'Ir:

We at Kupat Ha'Ir are confident that the generosity of the Jewish People can save Shimmy's life, and save his family from starvation & homelessness.