Construction of new Samaria town to begin right away

Civil Administration approves construction of town for residents of Amona.

Shlomo Piotrokovsky ,

Area of new community for Amona residents
Area of new community for Amona residents

The Civil Administration’s Higher Planning Committee concluded on Wednesday evening two days of discussions on a series of construction plans throughout Judea and Samaria.

In the framework of those discussions, the committee approved the plans for the establishment of the community of Amichai, which will house the former residents of Amona, who were evicted from their homes on February 1.

The committee also confirmed that the construction of the community could begin immediately, despite the fact that the process of approving the community has not yet been completed.

The decision is a precedent-setting use of section 34a of the Jordanian Towns and Villages Planning Law, which is the binding law for planning and construction in Judea and Samaria.

Under certain conditions, this section of the law allows the commencement of work according to a plan that has been deposited even if it has not yet been approved.

The residents of Amona said following the decision, "We welcome the approval, but it should be emphasized that the approval will allow only for earthworks and not construction work that will be carried out only at the end of planning processes that will continue for a long time.”

"In the mean time,” they continued, “We ask the Attorney General and the Prime Minister to allow us to move to a temporary residence site until we can move to the permanent homes.”