WATCH: 70 excited Ethiopian immigrants arrive in Israel

Ethiopian immigrants express excitement and gratitude at opportunity to meet relatives they haven't seen in five - or 25 - years.

Yoni Kempinski ,

70 Ethiopian immigrants arrive in Israel
70 Ethiopian immigrants arrive in Israel
International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem

70 new immigrants from Ethiopia arrived in Israel on Tuesday night as part of a joint operation by the Jewish Agency and the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem.

In 2016, the Israeli government decided to bring the last Ethiopian Jews to Israel.

Dozens of excited family members waited for the new arrivals, whom they had not seen in many years.

Eliyahu Tadaleh, who was waiting for his nephews whom he had not seen since Operation Solomon, said, "Twenty-five years have passed. My brother hasn't seen his children all these years. Only after we fought did they allow his children to immigrate to Israel. I'm very excited to see them, after all these years of uncertainty."

Asmareh Gabarah and her parents waited for their cousins, who live in Gondar and whom they have not seen in five years.

"We really miss them," Gabarah said. "Thank G-d, we will finally see them."

Malso Brodukay waited quietly to meet his daughter, whom he had not seen in ten years.

"I'm really excited. We waited for this so many years, for such a long time. Now, finally, our family will be united," Brodukay said.

Waiting for his nephews, Wandam Lasnawer said, "It's been 25 years since I last saw my nephews. I feel awesome!"

The International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem (ICEJ) raised the necessary funds for the current Ethiopian immigration, for the purpose of reuniting families. Hundreds more Ethiopians are waiting to be immigrate to Israel and meet their loved ones.

"We are happy to play a part in reuniting families and helping immigrants arrive in Israel," ICEJ Executive Director Jürgen Bühler said. "Some of these families have been divided for over two decades, and it is our honor to bring them to Israel."