'I'm begging you, please save my wife's life'

Watch Rabbi Klein's heartfelt plea on behalf of his now paralyzed wife, who is suffering from ALS.

Kupat Ha'Ir , | updated: 6:57 PM

Kupat Ha'Ir

Mrs. Klein of Jerusalem is suffering from an excruciating case of ALS. With treatments & surgeries mounting, and more help needed to allow her to accomplish basic tasks, her family has run out of financial options. A fundraising campaign started by her husband paints a gruesome picture:

"The heart monitor beeps ... nurses & doctors shuffle in and out ... cries of pain fill the room. My wife is having another ALS spasm. Tissues block her mouth due to her inability to control her saliva.

Another day, another excruciating treatment.

The doctors say she needs a new surgery, a new treatment, more things that could give her relief. But we know the dark truth: We can't afford to make her better.

The expenses are beyond belief. After what we've already been through, we have nothing left. An empty fridge, a broken home, muffled sobs as another spasm begins.

I look at her, and my eyes fill with tears. My wife, the mother of my children,wasting away. My heart is broken.

I refuse to give up on her life. I refuse to believe that Hashem would take her away because of something as fleeting as money. I must believe that someone will help us. For her, for me, I must believe that we can make it through this.

If you are reading this, you are our hope for the future. Please help me to save my wife's life. She is suffering this very moment. This is a deeply special soul. You have the power to save her. I am begging you. I believe that there is kindness & goodness in this world.

Thank you

Rabbi Klein"

The Klein family will undoubtedly watch the campaign's level of success with fear & hope. In a world of suffering they have chosen to believe that the kindness of strangers may have the power to save Mrs. Klein's life.