'The US must stop supporting the PA'

Public Security Minister asserts that PA cannot be granted financial aid as long as it is funding terror.

Nitsan Keidar ,

Erdan at AJC Global Forum
Erdan at AJC Global Forum
Minister's Spokesperson

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud) spoke Tuesday at the World Leaders Plenary of the American Jewish Committee’s annual Global Forum in Washington DC.

The forum saw the participation of heads of state, foreign ministers, senior US officials, diplomats and Jewish leaders from 75 countries - and over 2,500 people.

Minister Erdan presented his program for an international coalition in the war on terror which would include Israel, the West, “moderate” Arab states, Europe, and other countries. He emphasized that, even today, countries are interested in learning from the steps that Israel has taken against the “terror wave” of the last two years.

Erdan called on the US to stop funding the PA. “Abbas is sending a message to children growing up in the PA that terror pays. The US needs to stop funding the PA, so long as Abbas is paying terrorists. Not one cent of American taxpayer money should be going to fund terrorists.”

He added that “Today, more and more leaders are coming to understand that terror is terror, whether it hits the US, England, Egypt, or Israel. We have taken a number of steps that have led to a decrease in terror incidents: The fight against incitement on social media, the removal of legal status from inciting organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood, and the uncovering and drying up of sources of terror funding.”

“The time has come to apply these steps to the whole world, and to establish an international coalition in the war on terror and the incitement driving terror. A global challenge requires a global response. Israel is ready to take a central role in leading the new coalition,” Erdan said.