Anti-Zionist radicals riot in Jerusalem, clash with police

Watch: Detectives collecting evidence against radicals suspected of attacking haredi soldiers come under barrage of stones.

David Rosenberg ,

Rioters in Meah Sharim
Rioters in Meah Sharim
Police Spokesperson

Detectives who arrived at the predominantly haredi neighborhood of Meah Sharim in Jerusalem Sunday afternoon to collect evidence for a case against anti-Zionist radicals suspected of attacking haredi soldiers recently were themselves attacked in an incident that escalated quickly into a full-fledged riot.

Rioters hurled stones at the officers and blocked roads with dumpsters before setting them on fire.

Riot police were called in to reestablish order in the area, clashing with dozens of radicals.

One officer was wounded during the clashes when a stone thrown by a rioter struck him in the head. He was evacuated to the hospital in light condition.

After police were able to disperse the rioters, the detectives were able to collect the evidence necessary for their case.

Last week, a police sting operation in Meah Sharim resulted in the capture of 16 anti-Zionist radicals who attacked an undercover agent posing as a haredi soldier. The assailants beat the undercover officer and threw stones and other objects at him before a mixed force of police and Border Police officers sprang into action, arresting the attackers.