How many haredim are on social media?

Phone survey finds only 2% of haredim are on Facebook.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Haredi man on cellphone
Haredi man on cellphone
Sarah Schuman/ Flash90

A survey conducted by the haredi "Seker Kehalakha" institute, investigated how many haredim are on social media. Though this may seem simple to determine, it seems that some of the "haredi" profiles on social media are in fact fake.

The survey, published on the "Pashkevil" website, also investigated the amount of influence social media sites such as Facebook have on the haredi community. A pashkevil is a poster about a controversial issue; these are pasted on signboards in haredi communities.

In a phone survey, 403 random haredi participants over the age of 18 were asked for their gender and region, and were then asked if they had heard of the song "Geshem geshem metaftef" (literally - rain is falling) and where they had heard it.

A video of the song as taught by an Israeli Arab kindergarten teacher had been "shared" on Facebook in the weeks leading up to Purim.

Out of 51% of respondents familiar with the song, less than one percent (two women) had heard the song on television, and 2% heard it on Facebook.

20% had heard the song from friends, 9% via WhatsApp, and 6% had heard it somewhere on the internet (when internet included YouTube). 5% had been exposed to the song via email and 3% had heard it from children, grandchildren, and students. The rest of the respondents had heard the song at weddings, in the street, or in other places.

The number of men and women who had heard the song from various places was equal, with one exception: More haredi men than women heard the song on WhatsApp.