Israel's summer strikes with a continuous heat wave

As heat waves strike Israel from north to south, now's the perfect time to let the sun dry your laundry, and put moisture back into the air:

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Enjoying the hot weather.
Enjoying the hot weather.
Corrina Kern/Flash90

Israel is heating up: Temperatures will rise on Sunday, becoming warmer than usual for the season, especially in the mountains and inland regions.

Temperature forecasts for Sunday and Sunday night are: 21-35 degrees Celsius in the northern city of Kiryat Shmonah, 18-29 degrees Celsius in Tzfat, and 20-17 degrees Celsius in the northern coastal city of Haifa. Tel Aviv can expect temperatures between 19-28 degrees Celsius, while Jerusalem's temperatures will range between 19-30 degrees and Be'er Sheva's between 18-34 degrees.

Monday's weather is expected to be much the same as Sunday's, with no apparent change in temperature.

Tuesday will see a rise in temperature, with a moderate heat wave in the mountains and coastal regions. Meanwhile, Israel's lowlands and the norther Negev will experience a moderate to severe heat wave, and the Negev and Arava will suffer a severe heat wave.

Wednesday will see an additional rise in temperatures, and the weather in most of Israel will be hot and dry, with the coastline, lowlands, and northern Negev suffering a severe heat wave. The Arava and other parts of the Negev will suffer extreme heat conditions, and health warnings may be issued.