'Give lynch victim his gun back'

Deputy Defense Minister asks police to return personal firearm to man attacked by lynch mob.

David Rosenberg ,

Mob of Arab terrorists attack Jewish driver in Hawara
Mob of Arab terrorists attack Jewish driver in Hawara

Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben-Dahan (Jewish Home) called on police to return the personal firearm of a man who opened fire on an Arab lynch mob 11 days ago in self-defense.

During the incident, a father of eight from the town of Itamar in Samaria was attacked by a mob of some 200 Arab rioters as he drove home from grocery shopping at a Rami Levy supermarket.

An Arab ambulance pulled in front of the man’s car, blocking his escape while the lynch mob pelted his car with stones.

When rioters approached his vehicle and attempted to break in, the man was forced to open fire, killing one terrorist.

According to a statement released by Ben-Dahan’s office, while the attempted lynch has been classified as a “hostile action” and that no charges have been filed against the man targeted by the lynch mob, his personal firearm which he used to defend himself remains in the hands of police.

The Deputy Defense Minister has issued a request to the Interior Security Ministry that police be ordered to return the firearm. Ben-Dahan noted that the man passes through the scene of the near-lynching several times a day on his way to and from work, and needs his pistol for protection.