Muslim classmates beat, threaten to kill Jewish teen in Berlin

14-year old Jewish boy forced to leave Berlin school after Muslim classmates threaten and assault him repeatedly.

Gary Willig ,

High school students
High school students
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A Jewish teenager at a Berlin school says he fears for his life following threats from his Muslim classmates, the Sunday Times of London reported.

The 14-year-old, identified only as Ferdinand, said that the bullies pulled a fake gun on him and threatened to kill him. “I was terrified and just went to the ground.”

“Everyone burst into laughter and called me gay,” Ferdinand continued.

Ferdinand is the grandson of Holocaust survivors. The incident occurred at the Friedenau Gemeinschaftsschule state school in Berlin.

He said that he has also been subject to frequent physical attacks, including punching and kicking from students of Middle Eastern and Turkish origin.

Ferdinand's parents told the Times that the anti-Semitic bullying continued even after his grandparents had delivered a speech at the school explaining how they had survived the Holocaust.

His parents pulled him out of the school in April after he had suffered the abuse for four months.

Jewish leaders in Berlin have called for an investigation into anti-Semitic bullying at German schools following the incident.

Josef Schuster, the head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, called on German Muslim community leaders to combat the “anti-Semitic tendencies in their ranks." He said that greater efforts needed to be made to educate Muslim youth and children against anti-Semitism.

The school directorate released a statement expressing its regret following Ferdinand's transfer to another school to escape the bullying.

"Firstly we'd like to express our regret and horror that a student was forced to experience anti-Semitism in his everyday school life," the statement read. "We are losing an especially active and high-achieving student who chose our school with joy and saw it as an opportunity to further his development."

The school added that the students who tormented and assaulted Ferdinand would be reported to the police.