Report: ISIS lured US to bomb civilians

Over 100 civilians killed after ISIS terrorists force them into building, then plant gunmen on roof to lure US into bombing site.

David Rosenberg,


More than 100 civilians were killed after ISIS terrorists trapped them in a building, then placed gunmen on the roof to lure US bombers to destroy the building – and unknowingly kill the innocents locked in the basement.

According to US Air Force Brigadier General Matthew Isler, the US targeted a building in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul two months ago, hitting the structure with a 500 pound GBU-38 bomb after ISIS terrorists were spotted on the roof, Fox News reported.

But while the bomb dropped by a US warplane was sufficient to kill the hostiles observed on the roof, it should not have had nearly enough power to demolish the building.

Nevertheless, said Isler, the building was “completely pulverized” after the bombing.

An investigation into the incident revealed that the GBU-38 strike had sparked a second explosion, setting off more than 1,000 pounds of high explosives concealed inside the targeted building.

According to the Air Force investigation, 101 civilians held in the building at the time of the explosion were killed by the second blast, along with 4 four just outside the building and another 36 civilians missing after the explosion.

The Air Force says ISIS deliberately baited American fighter jets to strike the building, concealing both the civilian captives and explosive charges inside, while placing snipers on the roof as bait.