Ateret Cohanim - How the support is felt on the ground

Arutz Sheva and Ateret Cohanim present a special project focusing on the renewal of Jewish presence in all of Jerusalem.

Yoni Kempinski,

The Yemenite Village
The Yemenite Village
Ateret Cohanim

In preparation for the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem, Arutz Sheva, together with Ateret Cohanim, are presenting a special project that will focus on the renewal of Jewish presence in eastern Jerusalem, the Old City and the village of Shiloah (bordering the Kidron Valley outside the Old City walls).

"There are two stages which must be overcome in order to have Jewish life anywhere," said Daniel Luria, Ateret Cohanim Executive Director and Spokesperson. "Stage one is obviously the acquisitions.

"But stage two - the renovations, the funds required to make a place livable - taking a place that was totally destroyed and needs to be renovated so that we can add the families, the children, or the yeshiva students."

He said that it was only through the generosity of donors that many buildings purchased in certain parts of Jerusalem can become habitable at all.

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