Bedridden mother: Please help me marry off my daughter

I'm too sick to leave my bed, too poor to marry off my daughter. Please help us.

Kupat Ha'Ir ,

Kupat Ha'Ir


I'm Chava, and I want to tell you a story. Our story:

I took my daughter to the brideswear store to look at wedding dresses. We both knew the truth: We can't afford to get her a wedding dress. She will need to wear a hand-me-down from someone else, or whatever we can find for free at a gemach, whether it fits her or not.

Suddenly, in the middle of our 'shopping' trip, the world began to spin. I hit the ground with a thud. I wove in and out of consciousness as I was zoomed to the hospital. Through the sound of the siren I heard my daughter's sobs.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened. I have suffered for a long time from a very severe case of anemia. Unable to walk straight without getting dizzy, or falling, I spend most of my life now lying in bed. I am always very weak. I go to the hospital each week to get intravenous medication, but the treatments have little to no effect on me.

It has devastated my family. It has taken all of the money that we have.

But perhaps most painfully of all, it has robbed my beautiful daughter of her chance to be have the chasuna she always dreamed of.

Please, klal Yisroel, have pity on us. Help us to raise money to marry off my sweet daughter, and to marry off the rest of my children. I may be too weak to stand, but I will never give up doing whatever I can for my family. And right now the most that I can do is beg, and to daven that strangers will find this and help us.

Thank you.