Report: 111 sentenced to death under Hamas rule

Palestinian Center for Human Rights slams Hamas, Gaza military courts for ordering death sentence illegally.

Dalit Halevi ,

Hamas in Gaza
Hamas in Gaza
Flash 90

The "Palestinian Center for Human Rights" (PCHR) expressed "concern" over the Hamas military court's decision to execute three people suspected of involvement in the murder of Hamas leader Mazen Faqha.

Two of the suspects will be hanged, and the third was condemned to death by firing squad.

The sentences, decided upon after only four meetings of the court, will be carried out this week and cannot be appealed.

In a Sunday notice, the PCHR claimed Hamas' military court disregarded the requirement for a fair judgement, and relied only on the Palestinian Liberation Organization's revolutionary criminal law. This law, they claimed, is not legal and negates the Palestinian Authority's basic international obligations.

According to the PCHR, Gazan courts have issued 23 death sentences. 15 of those have been for new cases, and the rest involved approval of previously decided death sentences.

Since the PA's inception in 1994, Palestinian Arab courts have issued 189 death sentences. 20 of these were issued in Judea and Samaria, and 19 in Gaza.

Since Hamas took control of Gaza in 2007, 111 death sentences have been issued, for "severe crimes."

The PCHR called on Gazan authorities and/ or general prosecutors not to send people to Gazan courts, since the courts are in violation of the law.