Bnei Brak: 81 million NIS to revamp mikvehs

Bnei Brak spokesman says city invested millions in mikvehs, counters Aliza Lavie's claim the price is 'too high.'

Haim Lev ,


The Bnei Brak municipality is investing 81 million NIS into the city's mikvehs (ritual baths), the municipality's spokesperson said Sunday night.

According to the spokesperson, the budget includes renovations for several of the city's central mikvehs.

"All of the new mikvehs, and new wings of existing mikvehs, are built beautifully, with advanced technology, and in strictest accordance with Jewish law," Bnei Brak spokesman Avraham Tenenbaum said. "Representatives from other municipalities come to see our mikvehs, to see what we did in an attempt to do the same."

Regarding the complaint that the price to use the mikveh has tripled, Tenenbaum said, "It's a shame that when people talk about the high prices, they ignore the building, development, and renovations we've done - which amount to 81 million NIS."

"It would be proper for these people to note that the city has grown exponentially and we are building in proportion to the population. This is amazing, but it urgently requires new mikvehs and adding new wings to existing mikvehs. We are providing new services, building beautiful new wings, but it requires money.

"It is important to note that there are different rates. Even today, our prices are cheaper than those of various other cities which do not offer the services and quality we offer."

In her letter, MK Aliza Lavie (Yesh Atid) wrote, "I'm receiving letters claiming that the price of mikvehs in Bnei Brak rose to 47 NIS for women, while men pay only 3 NIS. That's a huge discrepancy, considering women are required by the Torah to immerse in a mikveh, while men are not."

"I think this is unfair and unjust, especially for women who are required to immerse according to Jewish law. Even non-religious women immerse in a mikveh. I ask that this matter be thoroughly investigated."