Rabbi Meir Mazuz:
'Reform not Jewish'

'After failing in Germany, Reformers want to dig in their claws like the pig did to Jerusalem's walls'.

Mordechai Sones ,

Religious disorientation
Religious disorientation
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During his weekly class Saturday evening, the head of Yeshivat Kashei Rachamim, Rabbi Meir Mazuz, explained that the Reform who demand a foothold at the Western Wall are disappearing due to assimilation in the United States and of the need to fight for the cancellation of the Western Wall Plan.

"After they failed in Germany, after they had destroyed Judaism in Berlin and led thousands astray, the Reformers went to America. But they say they have no future, why? The next generation is marrying gentiles and they are encouraging it, they officiate at the wedding - a rabbi on this side and a priest on the other. I read that not a moment passes in the world when a Jew does not abandon Judaism; thousands and tens of thousands are being lost.

הרב מאזוז ואלי ישי בכנס בחירות
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"Afterwards, what happens? The son of a gentile mother is a gentile, even though he is your offspring. So what did they do? They came here and seek to dig their claws into the Western Wall like the pig did to the walls of Jerusalem."

Rabbi Mazuz scorned the possibility that the Reformists would gain a foothold at the Western Wall. "They want to divide the Wall; now there will be a place for Hasidim, a place for the Lithuanians, a place for Sephardim, and a place for them, but they are not Jews. They are against the Torah, against Judaism; everything is permitted in their eyes. There was once a secular Knesset Member - it's brought in the book of Rav Tzuriel Bubleil - he came abroad from Israel and did not know where to spend Yom Kippur. He entered a Reform Temple, the rabbi arrived, played the Kol Nidrei, and afterwards said to them, 'Gentlemen, there's a restaurant here; go eat.' That's Judaism? Cars, food...what is this insanity? It's an imposter of Judaism."

He said that the haredi and religious representatives in the Knesset should fight for the cancellation of the Western Wall Plan. "The religious ministers must insist on this, fight for it, to make known that if they do not agree to this, the government will fall. Do not think 'if the government falls, what will become of us?' Don't worry - when one battles for the truth, the truth always wins.

"In the beginning, they played with the Sabbath, then with the Western Wall, with the mikvahs, with all kinds of games, but there is no such thing! A person must give of himself, and then the Holy One helps. Even in our generation there are miracles and there will be miracles. If we stand strong on this, nothing bad will happen. When one stands on a principle, there is Divine help, only we are irresolute."