Melania and Sara's joint schedule

PM Netanyahu's wife to tour Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital with President Trump's wife Melania. Plus: Effects of visit on roads, flights.

Nitsan Keidar ,

Sara Netanyahu and Melania Trump
Sara Netanyahu and Melania Trump
Prime Minister's office

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's wife Sara and US President Donald Trump's wife Melania will visit Jerusalem's Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital on Monday.

The two women will speak with the doctors and nurses, as well as do an art activity with some of the hospitalized children.

On Monday, the Netanyahus will host the Trump's in the Prime Minister's residence in Jerusalem for supper. During the visit, the two leaders will hold a private meeting.

When the Netanyahus visited the Trumps in February, the women held a private meeting in the White House. During the meeting, Melania surprised Sara with a proposal to visit Washington's National Museum of African merican History and Culture.

Trump's visit: What to expect on Jerusalem's roads

On Monday, Trump will arrive in Israel for a two-day visit, and his entourage will make its way from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem via more than 20 US Air Force helicopters. If the weather does not permit helicopter flights, Highway 1 will close to traffic to allow Trump and his entourage through.

From 12:00p.m. on Monday, the following roads will close alternately and in succession: Derech Hevron, David Remez, David Hamelech, Jabotinsky, Hanasi, Ha'ari, Azza, Flumer, Hativat Yerushalayim, Jaffa Gate, Batei Mahase, Ma'ale Hashalom, Agron, Keren Hayesod, Balfour, and Smolenskin.

The public will be able to travel on Begin, Herzl, the Kiryat Moshe Junction onto Begin South, Haim Bar Lev towards Agron, and Ben Tzvi towards Rabin.

On Tuesday, from 8:30a.m., the following roads will close alternately and in succession: David Hamelech, David Remez, Derech Hevron, Manahat, Ma'avar Rachel, Gihon, Tzruya, Ein Rogel towards Derech Hevron, northbound Derech Beit Lehem, northbound Harakevet, Azza, Herzog, Bait, Bazak, Shneur, Burla, Mount Herzl, and Yad Vashem.

The public will be allowed to travel via Agron, Haim Bar Lev, Jaffa Gate, Derech Hevron-Miriam Hahashmonait, Keren Hayesod, Emek Refaim, Begin, Herzl, and Ramban.

No parking will be allowed on any of the aforementioned roads.

Ben Gurion Airport will move all international flights from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3 from Monday until Wednesday. All the low-cost flights which are scheduled to depart from Terminal 1 at 3:00a.m. on Monday until 3:00a.m. on Wednesday will also take off from Terminal 3.

Intra-country flights to and from Eilat will remain unchanged and will take off as scheduled by the companies.