2 killed in car accident in Jordan Valley

20-year old woman and 8-month old baby killed when their car flipped over on Route 90.

Reut Hadar ,

Scene of accident
Scene of accident
MDA spokesperson

A 20-year old woman and an 8-month old baby boy were killed Thursday afternoon when their car flipped over on Route 90 near Massua in the Jordan Valley.

A third individual in the car, apparently the driver, was lightly injured in the accident.

MDA paramedics were called to the scene of the accident, but were unable to resuscitate the young woman or the baby, and both were declared dead at the scene.

The driver was given first aid treatment by MDA paramedics, then evacuated in a Red Crescent ambulance to a Palestinian Authority hospital for further treatment.

Moshe Levy and Roman Belman, two MDA paramedics who responded to the accident, described the scene.

“We saw a private car upside down in an open field next to the road. A number of people had gathered around the car and removed a woman in her 20s and a baby roughly a year old. They were unconscious, had no pulse and were not breathing, and were suffering from multiple organ failure.”

“We performed a number of medical checks on them; they had no life signs and we were forced to pronounce them dead at the scene. A man roughly 23-years old who was with them in the car was lightly injured and received from us medical treatment in the field and was then evacuated by a Red Crescent ambulance to a hospital in the Palestinian Authority.”