Report: Jordan, not Israel, source of ISIS intelligence

Jordanian sources claim Israel has no spies in ISIS who could have provided intelligence allegedly shared with Russia by Donald Trump.

Gary Willig ,

Flag of Jordan
Flag of Jordan

Jordanian officials claim that the intelligence on the ISIS terrorist organization which US President Donald Trump allegedly shared with Russian officials came from Jordan and not Israel, as had previously been reported, according to Qatar based news network Al Jazeera.

ABC News had reported Tuesday that the life of an Israeli spy had been placed at risk by the alleged leak.

However, several intelligence sources in Jordan told Al Jazeera Thursday that they doubted that the intelligence President Trump is reported to have shared could have come from Israel.

The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that Israel does not have any spies which have infiltrated ISIS at a high enough level to obtain that intelligence, and that Israel's intelligence on ISIS comes from a combination of "electronic surveillance collection and its intelligence sharing-arrangement with its Arab partners."

The officials said that Jordan did have the human intelligence on the ground, including spies within ISIS, to obtain the information.

The report highlights the lack of certainty on the facts in this case. Both the White House and Russia have denied that Trump shared any classified intelligence during his meeting with Russian diplomats last week.