50 state governors reject BDS

Governors of all 50 states sign pledge to reject BDS movement against Israel.

Ben Ariel,

Pro-BDS display
Pro-BDS display
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Governors of all 50 states on Wednesday signed a pledge to reject the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel, reports JTA.

Organized by the American Jewish Committee, the Governors United Against BDS statement declares that “the goals of the BDS movement are antithetical to our values and the values of our respective states, our support for Israel as a vital U.S. ally, important economic partner and champion of freedom.”

The statement does not commit the governors to specific actions, although signers “reaffirm our support for Israel as a vital U.S. ally, important economic partner and champion of freedom.”

“[O]ur nation’s 50 governors, as well as the District of Columbia mayor, recognize the pernicious goals of the BDS movement, which singles out Israel from among all the nations of the world for relentless and undue criticism, and whose efforts undermine the prospects for advancing Israeli-Palestinian peace,” AJC CEO David Harris said in a statement.

Over the past year, 17 states have passed legislation against BDS.

Earlier this month, Texas became the 17th state to do so, after Governor Greg Abbott signed a law prohibiting state agencies from contracting with companies that boycott Israel.

New York, California, New Jersey, Arizona, Indiana, Florida, Tennessee, Michigan and Virginia are among the other states that have approved similar laws.

Lawmakers in the state of Montana recently advanced a bill that pledges solidarity with Israel by refusing to do business with firms boycotting the Jewish state.

In December, Nevada introduced a law against the anti-Israel movement, after Lieutenant Governor Mark Hutchinson and pro-Israel activists introduced Senate Bill 26, which is similar to the anti-BDS legislation passed in other states.

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