Lod resident convicted of double murder

Lod court convicts man of murdering ex-wife and her current partner, rejects claim suspect is unfit to stand trial.

Netanel Katz ,

The murdered couple's Lod apartment
The murdered couple's Lod apartment
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Lod District Court judges on Sunday morning unanimously convicted Lod resident Yonatan Steingradt of double murder.

Steingradt was charged with murdering ex-wife Victoria Steingradt, 38, together with her new partner Moris Shmalashvili, also 38.

Steingradt admitted to committing the murder, but his attorney claimed he was unfit to stand trial.

However, the judges did not accept the lawyer's claim.

Judge Ruth Lorch said, "The murder itself is not under discussion, since the defense admitted to causing the victims' death. A significant portion of the event occurred in front of a technician."

"We have adopted the technician's version of events, since he was a neutral witness who happened to be at the scene.

"The technician refuted a significant amount of the defense's version of the story. We have decided to convict the defense with the two counts of murder mentioned in the indictment."

Steingradt was convicted of using the cable technician's arrival at his ex-wife's home to enter the house and stab the couple multiple times.

Steingradt's sentence will be decided at a later date.