Haredi MK: IEC revolutionizes haredi employment

Health Minister Litzman attends event marking acceptance of haredi workers into Israel's Electric Company, praises company's openness.

Orly Harari ,

Yakov Litzman visits IEC in Be'er Sheva
Yakov Litzman visits IEC in Be'er Sheva
Yossi Weiss

Israeli Health Minister Yakov Litzman (UTJ) participated in an event honoring the acceptance of a group of haredi workers into Israel Electric Company's (IEC) Be'er Sheva branch.

The nine male haredi workers will begin working at IEC's hotline, together with 28 haredi women.

IEC's Be'er Sheva hotline also includes dozens of workers from different sectors of society, including Bedouin, Ethiopians, Russian immigrants, and Druze.

"The electric company broke the marketplace's existing barrier, which makes it difficult to employ haredi workers," Litzman said. "You are revolutionaries in the way you employ haredi men and women, and in how you understand that they are capable and want to work."

"Your policies are an example of cooperation and the integration of different sectors of Israeli society - both in the workplace and in general."

IEC Director Yiftach Ron-Tal emphasized the IEC's policy of employing workers from all sectors of society, as well as employing those with special needs.

"Employing haredi workers is part of our vision. Today, over 100 haredi workers are employed in our hotline.

"Customer service is critical for us, and the workers we have accepted are our partners in ensuring each and every customer receives professional and quality service."