Bereaved father recovers stolen phone

Ze'ev Ruble lost cell phone with pictures, messages from son who fell in Defensive Shield. After thorough investigation, police find phone.

Mordechai Sones ,

At Holon Police station, this morning
At Holon Police station, this morning
Police Spokeswoman

A cell phone stolen from a bereaved father whose son was killed in Operation Defensive Shield was returned this morning (Wednesday) to its owner.

Last Saturday night, Ze'ev Ruble's personal briefcase was stolen from his vehicle. Inside the bag was his cell phone with pictures and messages from his son, Benaya, who was killed in Operation Defensive Shield in the Gaza Strip.

A post on social networks led to great media publicity. At the same time, an intensive investigation began, which eventually led to Ze'ev's cell phone.

This morning, the bereaved father was called to the Holon police station where he recovered his cell phone.

In an unrelated incident two months ago, police arrested a 36-year-old woman on suspicion of involvement in stealing the mobile phone of the mother of the late Hila Bezaleli. The phone contained pictures of her daughter, Hila.