'The American Jewish community loves Israel'

Strategic adviser Charlie Harary says Diaspora Jews see Israelis as family.

Eliran Aharon ,

Charlie Harary
Charlie Harary
Eliran Aharon

Jewish Americans are connected to Israel a lot more than some think, strategic adviser Charlie Harary told Arutz Sheva on Tuesday.

“People in Israel don’t fully understand how much the American Jewish community loves and adores them,” he said. “I go to Israel. I bring a group of 200 men from all over the world. We go to an army base, and the soldiers are crying when we say ‘we love you.’”

“It’s hard for people in Israel to fully grasp it, and I hope they do, that in the Diaspora we see them as family. When something happens in Israel, everybody’s praying for them,” said Harary. “We really do have this connection to our homeland, and I’ve seen this from Jews that have never stepped foot in Israel, and they step foot on the land, they feel like they’re home.”