Foreign ministry workers threaten to block Trump's visit

Ministry workers threaten to halt preparations for Trump's planned upcoming visit to Israel if their demands for higher wages are not met.

Tal Polon ,

Foreign Ministry
Foreign Ministry
Flash 90

Employees of the Foreign Ministry are ramping up their struggle against the Finance Ministry for higher wages, now threatening to cease activity to such an extent as to place the feasibility of President Donald Trump’s upcoming visit to Israel into question if their demands are not met.

“Two months ago, the head of the worker’s union invited the Chairman of the Finance Ministry Shai Babad, the Chairman of the Foreign Ministry Yuval Rotem, as well as the representatives of the workers to finish negotiations on a wage agreement,” the workers said in an announcement. “The meeting was to have brought into action the agreements we had come to three years ago regarding an upgrade in the pay scale of Foreign Ministry employees. Unfortunately, nothing happened: As of now, no draft agreement has been presented before us, neither has a horizon for a conclusion to the proceedings.”

As such, the workers have decided as a sign of protest to halt work on activities that are at the top of the list of the ministry’s priorities - which includes logistical preparations for the planned upcoming visit of the US President and other official state visits.

“The period of negotiations is over,” the workers said. “The efforts of Chairman Rotem did not bring results, either. We are now at the confrontation stage, and the struggle is double: For our professional status and for the conditions of service of Foreign Ministry workers.”