'New French President presents an opportunity for change'

French-Israeli Professor says election of Emmanuel Macron as President of France potentially good for Israel, better than the alternative.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Emmanuel Macron celebrates
Emmanuel Macron celebrates

Prof. Noah Dana Picard, the President of the Jerusalem College of Technology, said that the election of Emmanuel Macron as the President of France is good for the State of Israel.

Prof. Picard, who was born in France, said: "Israel needs to take advantage of the election results to change France's attitude towards Israel and to prevent embarrassing votes against it like in UNESCO ... Something has changed, and God willing, something will change for the better in the French administration."

He added, "I hope that Israel will know how to advance its interests there and not those of anyone else ... We must see how things are going right so that the attitude toward Israel will change for the better and so that France no longer votes for anti-Israel resolutions."

Prof. Dana Picard said that he is pleased with the election results. "It is a good thing that France voted against Marine Le Pen, who is certainly not good for the Jews. The president-elect can change a lot of things. He is energetic and willing, and he has proven that he has an amazing ability. However, there is more that is unknown than is known [about him.] He said that he was opposed to boycotts of Israel, and he said that he was in favor of two states. And this is not necessarily in Israel's interest."

"We have to remember that 11 million people voted for Le Pen and they did not disappear. And a large part of them will continue to vote for her or for her party, which is a political reality that threatens the Jews. Macron was elected, but millions did not vote at all or submitted a white ballot. In the Senate, the conservative right rules so that Macron will not be able to pass radical changes, and in the near future there will be uncertainty. The future will tell how much power there will be for Emmanuel Macron and what he will do," he concluded.