'I lay outside all night', crash survivor says

Injured wife of man killed in car accident lies outside vehicle all night with no mobile reception and no cars passing by.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Fatal accident
Fatal accident
MDA spokesperson

Tzipi Gadish, the wife of Uzi Gadish, who was killed in a serious accident near the city of Ovot in the south Saturday night, told Ynet she lay next to the car all night long and could not call for help because there was no cellular reception in the area.

"I lay next to the vehicle all night, unable to call for help. It was only at 7:00 in the morning that the first car came to help," said Gadish, who was taken to the hospital at Soroka Medical Center, where she is in stable condition.

The accident took place near the town of Ovot, as the couple returned from the village of Chamein in the Negev.

"Suddenly on one of the sections of the road the car went out of control and began to run wild on the road," she said. "It was impossible to get it under control. We were thrown to the right, left and then the vehicle made a huge turn and reeled into the field."

Tzipi said that "Uzi was thrown out of the car, and was apparently killed on the spot, and I was trapped in the car. And since there was no mobile phone reception, I could not report to the emergency centers and I sat there until the first car passed through in the morning."

The paramedic who treated Tzipi said that "the woman who was sitting on the asphalt was fully conscious, exhausted, and suffering from a head injury. The Magen David Adom team evacuated her to the hospital in Be'er Sheva, in moderate to severe condition. Meanwhile, her condition stabilized."