Hamas: We have not become a new version of 'Fatah'

Hamas assures that amended charter doesn't change fundamental position, has high hopes for the opening of a border crossing to Egypt.

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Dalit Halevy ,

Mahmoud A-Zahaar
Mahmoud A-Zahaar
Wissam Nassar/ Flash90

Mahmoud Al-Zahaar, a senior Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip, said that its amended charter does not express any change in the fundamental position of Hamas.

He said that Hamas’ new call for a Palestinian state in pre-’67 borders does not mean that Hamas has become a new version of "Fatah," as Hamas does not recognize Israel or its ownership of any part of the land of Israel, because it is an “illegal” entity. He emphasized that Hamas is committed to the goal of “liberating all the land of Palestine.”

With respect to the southern border, Zahaar said that a border crossing is expected to open in July, and a large part of the commerce which exists today with Israel will move to Egypt.

He assessed that the yearly profits from commerce with Egypt will be around 1.2 billion dollars a year and will see a 7 billion dollar trade volume.

He said that the PA collects taxes amounting to 120 million dollars a month from the Gaza Strip, but doesn’t cover more than 60 percent of wages paid to PA employees.