Watch: 'Metzada' unit prepares for prison riot

Public Security Minister visits elite prison service unit to witness how they train for every eventuality during terrorist hunger strike.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Metzada unit
Metzada unit
Prison Service spokesperson

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan visited the Metzada unit of the Israel Prison Service Thursday along with Major General Ofra Klinger, the Commissioner of the Israel Prison Service.

Metzada is an elite takeover unit which specializes in extreme scenarios that may develop inside prisons and wards. The main functions of the unit are to serve as a takeover unit, to engage in hostage rescue operations, return escaped prisoners, and to reinforce prison guards during emergency situations.

The Metzada unit is currently on high alert and close to the security prisons in light of the hunger strike by hundreds of Arab security prisoners. The unit carries out various activities alongside the security departments and is prepared to provide a response in case a serious event occurs in an Israeli prison.

Minister Erdan watched the takeover exercises and stated that he was impressed by the capabilities and level of preparedness of the unit.

The hunger strike began with 1,300 prisoners striking. The number of strikers has been reduced to approximately 850.

Erdan called the Metzada unit "one of the best operational units in the State of Israel. and we must make sure that all of our means to deal with the strike and the various [possible] scenarios will be fully prepared."

Erdan with Metzada unit
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