Lotto winner: I was lucky twice on the same day

Man wins millions of dollars in lottery on same day his favorite sports team wins the championship.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Lotto winner
Lotto winner
Avi Chaim

A Be'er Sheva resident who won 20 million shekels (approximately $5 million) in the lottery last night said that he won twice in the same day, as his favorite sports team won its championship game.

The winner, an enthusiastic fan of Hapoel Be'er Sheva soccer team, went to sleep early last night before his team's championship game ended, as he has to get up early every morning to work.

"Every morning at five, I go downstairs to get the morning paper I subscribe to. I went down to the mailbox to pick up the newspaper and sat down with the coffee. First I opened the sports section." The winner says, "I read the whole section eagerly, "From there, I continued to browse through the rest of the news until I reached the lottery results, where I was amazed to discover that I guessed the six numbers and the additional number!"

The winner adds that when he fills out a lotto ticket, he usually writes down birthdays and lucky numbers, and a few weeks ago he decided to start ordering an automatic ticket. It was an automatic ticket which made him a millionaire..

The winner showed the ticket to his wife and daughter, and the three of them could not believe their eyes. "We checked twenty times, called my son who was at work. He was scared because I was calling him in the morning and was afraid that something had happened."

"My father called me, and it was not yet eight o'clock in the morning. That's how Israelis think: something bad happened must have happened. [But] suddenly he tells me that we won the lottery, and I asked to speak to my sister," the son said

The family says they sat down to eat breakfast first to relax and then went to Israel State Lottery Office in Tel Aviv to collect his winnings.

As for the question of what to do with the money, the father replied, "On Shavuot, we will all go to a hotel, relax and enjoy the win, right now I do not have a special plan for the money, I will deposit it in the bank and then think about what to do with it. - Hapoel Be'er Sheva and the lottery. "