Shin Bet looks to recruit best and brightest

In preparation for Israel's 69th Independence Day, ISA launches unique recruitment campaign, 'thwarting the next threat, defending Israel.'

Mordechai Sones,

Shin Bet
Shin Bet
Shin Bet

A new website that was launched Thursday will allow the general public, as well as potential candidates for a Shin Bet security service career, to know what can be revealed about the organization's past and present activities.

For the first time the Shin Bet provides a rare glimpse into the organization's activities through a new and unique video, along with extensive information on the positions offered in intelligence, field and operations, technology and cyber, information systems, security, and more.

As part of the technological restoration of the ISA to meet the challenges facing it, and as part of the organization's desire to recruit the best minds from cyberspace and technology in Israel, the Shin Bet presents a particularly challenging cybercrime puzzle. The cyber geniuses who solve the riddle will be invited to apply for one of the unique posts at the cutting edge of technology and to integrate into the unique and new development programs and careers offered by the ISA to these candidates.

Alongside the technological bolstering, changes and renewals are taking place in various other sectors of the service.

In the past year, the number of technology, cyber, and IT workers has reached 25% of the organization's employees. All systems abilities, development, training, and career paths have been upgraded significantly. These are part of the changes and adjustments made by the organization in general intelligence and operational systems to cope with the challenges in the various arenas.

The Shin Bet notes that for all those interested in developing a career in the Shin Bet security service, the new site will significantly shorten the process of applying for various positions, so that within a few minutes the candidate can complete the process in a simple and user-friendly way.