Another hostile resolution expected in UNESCO

An Israeli state official blasts the expected resolution: 'UNESCO refuses to stop the politicization which is eroding its status.'

Nitsan Keidar,

UNESCO headquarters in Paris
UNESCO headquarters in Paris

A state official in Jerusalem attacked this afternoon the UN’s so-called educational organization UNESCO, in light of another anti-Israel resolution it is expected to pass next week.

The resolution is expected to assert that Israel is not sovereign over Jerusalem, and to question Israel’s authority to carry out activity in the city.

“The management committee of UNESCO refuses to stop the politicization which is eroding the status of the organization,” the state source said.

According to the source, “In contrast to the recommendation of UNESCO’s Director General and the promises and declarations made by various leaders in the past year, UNESCO is coming back to its ritual of anti-Israel political decisions that protest any activity carried out by Israel in Jerusalem, adopting previous decisions which denied a Jewish connection to the city and reconstructing political condemnations against Israel with respect to Gaza.”

The source also attacked EU representatives in the organization who, he said, “instead of stopping the politicization, as was promised Israel, are effectively supporting it by suggesting their own texts, including with respect to the question of Jerusalem, which are unrelated to the UNESCO mandate.”

“Israel expects that its allies in the organization vote against the absurd resolution,” the source said and emphasized, “This resolution will not hurt our determination to act in Jerusalem for the good of its residents. It will hurt the disintegrating status and relevance of UNESCO.”